We've seen the Ross and Rachel, Dawson and Joey bit time after time. Friend likes friend. eventually finds out. Friends date. But in real life the relationship usually ends more like our Capeside friends than in Central Perk bliss. Most people are left wondering if it was truly worth it in the end. Is it okay to date a friend, or is it too big a risk to take?

It always seems to happen at the same time. Work is great. Your apartment is finally fabulously decorated. Your closest friends are all in the same place and you're having a blast. Then BAM!!! Your friend, whose always been off the market (you know the relationship guy), hits you with the news that he's interested in you. It's always when you least expect it, and it's sometimes with that friend whom you've never thought about in a romantic capacity. So you're left with the task of figuring out whether or not you want to take a risk on the friendship and date them, or try to remain as plutonic as possible with that news tucked in the back of your mind.

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